the new DTL7000


Height and side adjustable handle

Triple filter system

Drain plug in carburator

Agro wheels 400×8

Motoazada gasolina 212 cc, 7 hp

Double belt clutch

Oil bath chain transmission

Transport front wheel



Working width
Net weight

4T OHV 212 cc
7 Hp
50, 60 y 80 cm
2 + reverse

68 Kg

Fuel tank capacity

Gross Weight

6 L

89 kg

Fresa de
24 cuchillas
Para trabajar la tierra
con un acabado perfecto

Ancho de trabajo
a tres medidas
50 – 60 – 80 cm

Motoazada gasolina, fresa de 24 cuchillas
Mecanización exprés
Motoazada, arrancapatatas
Harvest your potatoes effortlessly.

It pulls all kinds of tubers.
Adjustable in height, depth and inclination.
It requires standard bracket.
It must be mounted with pneumatic or metallic wheels.

Motoazada, acaballonador para subir la tierra
An ingenious option to raise the ground.

Thanks to its helicoidally design, this special implement for making large-sized ridges, traces the soil and finishes at the same time. It is made up of two augers that are mounted directly to the output shafts of the machine and a winged grid that is mounted to the rear support.

Motoazada, arado japonés con 3 posiciones
It plows in three positions.

Its special peak shape makes it perfect for working cropland, it is easy to handle and simple to adjust.
Thanks to its plough it penetrates better in the ground.
It is a lightweight accessory easy to install and use.

Motoazada, aporcador para abrir surcos
It opens grooves with great ease.

Equipped with a grid and 2 adjustable symmetrical to suit to the space between groove and plant.
The tipper makes a groove and discharges the earth on each side forming a ridge.
It is adjustable in height and depth and inclination.

Motoazada, disco de acaballonar
With one go, you are ready to plant!

Special discs for riding work.
It opens a ridge with a single pass which serves to define the irrigation area in vegetable plantations.
It consists of 2 discs that are mounted on the trawl frame, which is an essential piece to attach this implement.

Rastrillo motoazada, oxigena la tierra
It oxygenates the soil.

The rake is a fundamental accessory to break the superficial surface (crust) and eliminate weeds from the plantation. It can also be used to bury small seeds.

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