Technological innovation

based on Lithium


  • Turbo functionTurbo function
  • Electric engine Electric engine

Brushless electric motor
Variable air flow
Turbo function
CE – GS Certification

No Power Loss
Equipments with lithium are more efficient because they provide a consistent lever of performances from the beginning to the end of the cycle.

Low Weight
The use of tools with Lithium battery allows for a faster and lighter work load, which translates into less fatigue and less stress.

No memory effect 
By using tools powered by lithium ions, the users can recharge the batteries at any time of the charge/discharge cycle, without damaging the cells.

to choose Lithium Technology

It helps to improve the work of our customers
through a disruptive technology innovation.
The new Lithium Garden Machine is:

lithium-arrow-up Economical

lithium-arrow-up Versatile

lithium-arrow-up Simple (Click&Go)

lithium-arrow-up Design

lithium-arrow-up Powerful

lithium-arrow-down Polluting

Lithium to work without noises

The perfect product for works
in wide spaces without noise.

Lithium technology, perfect for the home

The versatility of lithium added to its lightness makes the lithium products perfect for home works.

Lithium Technology, perfect for the home
Urban gardens

Free smoke urban gardens requires
lithium-based technology products.

The silence of the lithium technology is fundamental in hospitals

Lithium technology is useful where
the silence is essential.

Ducati against the ecological and acoustic pollution
Green areas

Our growing eco and free noise pollution
cities increases surfaces to green spaces.